About Us

NEXON CROP PROTECTION PVT. LTD. is AN ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company having a strong brand presence in the Asian Sub Continent with the Brand names of NEXON'S At NEXON CROP PROTECTION PVT. LTD. we want to create assets that benefit all our customers, our employees, our company, as well as the countries in which we operate. We offer intelligent solutions based on innovative products and tailor made services. Our innovative products, intelligent solutions and services make us the most competent worldwide supplier in the chemical industry. We create opportunities for success through trusted and reliable partnerships thereby creating a WIN WIN situation for ALL.


Our research and development activities aim to convert market trends and scientific ideas quickly into successful
innovations. Through new technologies we can tap into additional market opportunities.


To be the world's leading innovator optimizing agricultural production, improving nutrition and enhancing quality of life.


With our highly motivated staff, we deliver products and services that meet the needs of our customers and contribute to
the sustainability of agriculture.


Our business processes are oriented towards adding to long term value and competitiveness. In partnership with our
customers, we help them be more successful. To accomplish this, we jointly discover business opportunities and develop
products, procedures and services that are on a high scientific and technical level.


  • We seek advantages arising from changes in markets, science and society and use these as an opportunity for value enhancing growth.
  • We use our leading position to help shape scientific and technological progress, we identify new business opportunities and utilize synergistic effects arising from integrated research.
  • We develop and optimize our products and services, together with our customers, so that we can add value for both our customers and our Company


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