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Dear Customer,
The words that describe farmers come right out of the Indian spirit - self reliant, hard working, independent, proud and even courageous. For all its challenges, farming is still the backbone of India, the source of the food that keeps this country and much of the world healthy.

That's why we at NEXON are more committed than even to help farmers in India to do their jobs more effectively, more efficiently and more profitably than ever.

We started this company after realizing that your operation is different from farmers in the different regions and even from your neighbor just a few miles away. We work you - your conditions, your goals, your financial realities to deliver products that have been developed, tested and proven to work in your environment. Then we follow it up with intimate knowledge of these products to help you maximize their genetic potential and chemical effectiveness.

To support the development of these crops and ensure insect and fungus free growth, we have a range of chemicals manufactured to match your requirements.

At a time when Indian values are more important than ever, the value of the Indian farmer is just as important. We take that fact very seriously and with a lot of pride.
Together we can make a difference!

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